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Shilpi Sinha

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of us during/after the pregnancy. Because of your professionalism and motivation we felt like we were in good hands and that gave us peace of mind towards the big day. Thank you for helping deliver the most precious gift of our life!!”

Dhruv Sharma

Dr Anjali is a genuine advisor that never prescribes any fancy stuff to the expecting mothers and always keep them positive and motivated through out the pregnancy. She is pro-active in gauging any complications and in taking adequate actions. Just trust her and follow what she suggests. Highly recommended.

Malvika Kapoor

We consulted Dr Anjali Kumar for our first pregnancy and she was very helpful and guided us throughout the process. She is very encouraging and positive. Although it was a c section delivery but the recovery has been good, she is very genuine and easy to talk to. thanks to her, we have a healthy baby and had a healthy and active pregnancy

Vrushali Terekar

Mam, I have been watching your channel and it's really nice to see a doctor discuss all these topics on a platform like YouTube as it isn't possible for all of us to visit you and I haven't met these many gynaecologists who could have these open conversations because of the norms of society. l'd really like to suggest you talking about female masturbation and how it's important how to orgasm and help women know these processes as sex is just entitled for sexual pleasure of men and pregnancy for women a professional doctor opening a conversation about these topic would make a lot of impact on the millennial women who are watching and so far visiting you as well. Regardless the information you try to provide is commendable and we're all thankful for having someone like you.

Shibani Patankar

Hi doctor, this was a much needed video. I have been contemplating for years whether or not to use a menstrual cup. My question is does the cup have any impact or harm in terms of future sexual activities as there is a common myth that girls who haven't had any sexual intercourse will have a lose vagina or problems in the future. Hope you answer the question. :)

Pranali Suthar

Thank you soooo much This'll help a lot and also very good for stress relief as well. Thanks again for giving such a good knowledge & helping in our journey.

Mahek Khan

Ma'am your voice is really soothing, your videos are just so simple and it has a simple touch to it. I've been doing the exercises from the last video. Hoping to follow Yoga too. Thank you for the amazing video.

Akhila Therese

The video was both informative and motivating. Listening to you just simply boosts up my intrinsic motivation and I think one of the reasons is that there's a motherly touch when you talk. Please do more videos ma'am. You are really helping a lot of women out there who are struggling with their hormonal issues.

Neha Bedi

We all wish we had a teacher like you in school. You made everything so easy to understand. Thank you so much ma'am. God Bless you:). Keep up the good work. You are helping a lot of lives <3.


Thank you for creating such a useful channel... l am hooked to it. everything from information to execution is so fine. Keep it up Doc and team.

Nikita Vig

This was so helpful, will show my mother so that she has an open mind about it with logical explanation.

Anushka Makwana

Thank you so much mam. This is really very helpful from most reliable source we can find online. Looking forward to more episodes and implementing the things you suggest.

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