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Astha Solanki

Dr. Anjali helped my pregnancy go smoothly, she gives accurate and precise advice. Not only did she not overwhelm me with too many restrictions and allowed the pregnancy to take its natural course but also only prescribed necessary tests and procedures

Nishtha Devnani

Dr Anjali Kumar is incredible. She is a great doctor! I had Thrombophilia (a rare disorder) during my pregnancy, not only had she taken great care of my health but also she is lovely to speak, her demeanor really put me at ease. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner - removing all my apprehensions, fears and anxiety. Dr. Anjali also educates and empowers all women through her YouTube channel 'Maitri'. My husband and I are beyond grateful to her for bringing our beautiful daughter to this world. I would also like to thank Pooja for her promptness in coordinating my consultations even at short notices.

Shifa Manchanda

Dr Anjali Kumar is a very practical doctor, provides guidance at every step during pregnancy. I am really thankful to her because she is the reason I was able to deliver through NVD. Because of her skills and experience in this industry, She handles every panic situation through calm and composure. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Ripanshi Batra

My husband and I will be forever grateful to Dr Anjali for her guidance throughout my pregnancy and post delivery. She had simple straightforward explanations for our questions and was motivating and patient all along. A big thanks to her and her team. I will definitely recommend her :)

Narottam Raaj

I want to say thanks to Dr. Anjali Kumar who have save my wife’s life and give her new life. This is nice hospital with there nice hospitality . Nursing Staff is good and 4th class employees like room service is also so humble. Overall hospital is best in NCR.

Yusra Ansari

I consulted Dr. Anjali throughout my pregnancy and the whole experience was extremely comforting and assuring . She and her team is a skilled lot which instilled confidence in me throughout the pregnancy journey and even during the delivery process. Her calm attitude is definitely a plus. I would recommend her without even a second's thought.

Prabir Ranjan Bhowmick

It's a great feeling to be a FATHER. My baby born at 1st sep. But it was a good journey with Anjali Mam since last one and half yrs. She is very practical and down to earth. Her take careness and familiar nature makes us feel that we get the best doctor ever for us. On that day at 1st September we both were fearful for what will happen next. But our fear become vanished while we see Anjali Mam. And we become parents at noon. We get the best treatment ever with best take care. Thanks again to Anjali Mam and all her co- stuffs

Prinshi Yadav

Anjali ma'am is like an angle in my life. She is the greatest and most caring doctor anyone could ever find. I faced many issues but under her guidance I was able to conceive and became a mother on 13th June. She is the whole reason I could enter into this new and beautiful phase of life. I would always be grateful to her from the bottom of my heart. Love you and thank you so much Ma'am for caring and treating me like your daughter.

Rajendra Gupta

Dr. Anjali is a perfect example to be a doctor with a positive, friendly, and encouraging attitude. She truly deserves all appreciation and accolades. She motivated my wife to stay active and eat healthily during the pregnancy. She also goes in for minimal medications and believes that a natural process like pregnancy needs no intervention unless required. She listens to all your questions and answers to make you comfortable. I got tremendous support from Dr. Anjali and Dr. Kiran during my stay at C K Birla Hospital. We felt a new positivity whenever we visited Dr. Anjali, and our energy level automatically went up. I will give Dr. Anjali all the credit for giving me strength, positivity, and the utmost care, she treats all her patients like a family members and gives all great advice with a big smile. I strongly recommend all to be moms to visit Dr. Anjali. Thank you

Tanu Jesaiwal

I have Been consulting Dr. Anjali Kumar throughout the pregnancy. It was such an amazing experience with her . She always guide me the best way of treatment. She never prescribes unnecessary medications. She always listens to all of my queries patiently. Even I seen her earlier for some bad emergency experience at that time even she has treated me very well even that was a life threating emergency to me but she helped me to overcome from that. She is very positive all the time. She means a God to me . Many thanks to Dr. Anjali Kumar and her team

Shivani M

Dr Anjali is an expert in her field and would highly recommend her for all gynaecological and obstetric treatments. She has treated me with utmost care and love. She has been available at all times for me and family during the entire treatment journey. Her knowledge and expertise is par excellence and I just love Dr Anjali for the fabulous patient management she has extended to us.

Anusha Anand

I consulted Dr. Anjali throughout my pregnancy and it was the best decision. Since it was my first pregnancy, she made it all very simple and kept me motivated the whole time plus she’s one of the most experienced Doctors so that helper too! She was so polite and made me feel really comfortable. Highly recommend her to everyone.

Payal Mathur

Dr. Anjali is the best gynecologist in Gurgaon. She is very calm, polite and sweet. She is highly experienced and provide answers to all your doubts with patience and makes you feel comfortable. Our pregnancy journey was smoother with her expertise. I would highly recommend her. Thanks a lot for wonderful experience.

Sonal Menghani

A big Thank you to Dr Anjali. I had a roller coaster ride of 9 months with numerous complications. Dr Anjali’s was always calm and made me understand that it happens and her smile always gave me satisfaction that I m in good hands nothing will go wrong.. They say God comes in many ways to help you! For me she was the one.

Aadra Dhameniya

I consulted Doctor Anjali Kumar during my pregnancy and the experience was very comfortable and relaxing. She is a skilled doctor and listens to all the concerns patiently. She also explains all the details properly and politely. I have known Doctor Anjali for almost 4 years now, and my trust and faith in her has increased with every visit. She will make you feel easy and relaxed even if there are complications and handles the case with perfection. She is a very skilled doctor and knows what needs to be done for each single patient case. I would strongly recommend her to everyone.

Esha Arora

I don't think my few words can do justice in describing what Dr Anjali did for me during my pregnancy. I had a high-risk pregnancy since the start and wasn't expecting anything other than a C-Sec because of all the complications and lack of physical movement. Not only I had a normal delivery, but I was also up and walking on the first day itself. No matter how complicated things became, she always made me feel calm and handled everything with sheer perfection. She knows what she is doing. Throughout the pregnancy, she made me feel confident and encouraged me to trust my instincts. Her commitment and empathetic approach is highly appreciated. Choosing Dr Anjali as my doctor was the best decision I made. A heartfelt Thank you to her

Shilpi Sinha

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of us during/after the pregnancy. Because of your professionalism and motivation we felt like we were in good hands and that gave us peace of mind towards the big day. Thank you for helping deliver the most precious gift of our life!!”

Dhruv Sharma

Dr Anjali is a genuine advisor that never prescribes any fancy stuff to the expecting mothers and always keep them positive and motivated through out the pregnancy. She is pro-active in gauging any complications and in taking adequate actions. Just trust her and follow what she suggests. Highly recommended.

Malvika Kapoor

We consulted Dr Anjali Kumar for our first pregnancy and she was very helpful and guided us throughout the process. She is very encouraging and positive. Although it was a c section delivery but the recovery has been good, she is very genuine and easy to talk to. thanks to her, we have a healthy baby and had a healthy and active pregnancy

Vrushali Terekar

Mam, I have been watching your channel and it's really nice to see a doctor discuss all these topics on a platform like YouTube as it isn't possible for all of us to visit you and I haven't met these many gynaecologists who could have these open conversations because of the norms of society. l'd really like to suggest you talking about female masturbation and how it's important how to orgasm and help women know these processes as sex is just entitled for sexual pleasure of men and pregnancy for women a professional doctor opening a conversation about these topic would make a lot of impact on the millennial women who are watching and so far visiting you as well. Regardless the information you try to provide is commendable and we're all thankful for having someone like you.

Shibani Patankar

Hi doctor, this was a much needed video. I have been contemplating for years whether or not to use a menstrual cup. My question is does the cup have any impact or harm in terms of future sexual activities as there is a common myth that girls who haven't had any sexual intercourse will have a lose vagina or problems in the future. Hope you answer the question. :)

Pranali Suthar

Thank you soooo much This'll help a lot and also very good for stress relief as well. Thanks again for giving such a good knowledge & helping in our journey.

Mahek Khan

Ma'am your voice is really soothing, your videos are just so simple and it has a simple touch to it. I've been doing the exercises from the last video. Hoping to follow Yoga too. Thank you for the amazing video.

Akhila Therese

The video was both informative and motivating. Listening to you just simply boosts up my intrinsic motivation and I think one of the reasons is that there's a motherly touch when you talk. Please do more videos ma'am. You are really helping a lot of women out there who are struggling with their hormonal issues.

Neha Bedi

We all wish we had a teacher like you in school. You made everything so easy to understand. Thank you so much ma'am. God Bless you:). Keep up the good work. You are helping a lot of lives <3.


Thank you for creating such a useful channel... l am hooked to it. everything from information to execution is so fine. Keep it up Doc and team.

Nikita Vig

This was so helpful, will show my mother so that she has an open mind about it with logical explanation.

Anushka Makwana

Thank you so much mam. This is really very helpful from most reliable source we can find online. Looking forward to more episodes and implementing the things you suggest.