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Is it safe to play Holi during pregnancy?

Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Mar 15, 2022

Is it safe to play Holi during pregnancy?

Yes, of course you can play Holi but with some precautions.

 Holi is a beautiful Indian festival of colours, joy and fun, celebrated in spring. Holi is synonymous with colours, water, balloons, fun activities, friends, family and lots of sweets. 

Just be a little cautious and you will be able to enjoy your Holi like any other year, maybe even better.

Holi Colours

It is important to be cautious of Holi colours.
Synthetic holi colours frequently consist of synthetic dyes which may contain harmful substances like lead oxide, mercury, copper sulphate, crushed glass etc which can be absorbed by the skin and respiratory system and can cause serious reactions  and allergies. 

The colours could even get absorbed in the bloodstream and reach the baby’s circulation too.
Sometimes, even the so-called natural/organic colours available in the market may not be really organic. There are no government regulations that control the production of Holi colours, or that require the ingredients to be properly listed out. So be careful of anything which is sold in the name of ‘Organic Holi colours’. 

The safest option is to use homemade holi colours prepared from household ingredients like henna, spinach, turmeric, beetroot or else you can play with flower petals like rose, marigold etc.


Precautions for playing Holi during pregnancy

So you can stay safe & enjoy Holi at the same time if you follow certain precautions.

  • If you decide to play with colours, please take precautions like applying coconut oil / any other oil that suits your skin, all over the body including your hair, wear full-sleeved clothes and paint the nails with transparent colours.
  • Don’t let the colour stay on your body for too long, wash it off before it dries. It can get absorbed into your blood stream and can go to the baby too, so it is important to remove it as early as possible.
  • You must protect your eyes too from coloured water and powder by using clear eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The caution also applies to new moms who are breastfeeding their newborns. Synthetic chemical colours can have harmful effects on the baby through breast milk. So lactating mothers should exercise the same caution as pregnant women.

 And in case you experience any dizziness, nausea or vomiting or develop any serious allergic reaction to the colours or if you have accidentally ingested the colours, immediately report to the doctor. Do not take any over-the-counter medications on your own. Do not induce vomiting if you have ingested colour, but wash your mouth right away, and report to the hospital emergency room.

Fun Activities during Holi

During pregnancy due to hormonal influence, all body joints and ligaments are relaxed increasing the risk of falls and slips.
So avoid large groups and ill-behaved crowds. You may get injured by slipping or falling leading to a miscarriage or preterm labour.
Preferably remain in the company of family and friends and play a gentle game or simply watch the fun and frolic!

The floors and roads get slippery during Holi, so be careful! Wear comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes.

Drive safely. Don't drink and drive and remember to always fasten your seat belt.

Feasting during Holi

What is holi without Gujiya, Chaat, and Thandai?
However, be careful, in case you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Those ghee-laden sweets, hot drinks and deep-fried snacks are enough to throw your blood sugar out of control.

To avoid any infections, preferably go for homemade sweets and savouries. 

And sorry ladies, stay off any alcoholic drinks & bhaang during this festive season while you are pregnant. You will have ample opportunity to indulge yourself after delivery & once you have stopped breastfeeding. But for now, stay away from intoxicants.

Keep a count on how much caffeine you are drinking or eating. Remember caffeine is present in coffee, tea, green tea, colas, health drinks and chocolates too.

Keep yourself well hydrated. Leg cramps and even Braxton Hicks contractions are more when you are dehydrated Just be careful and cautious and you never know, this may well be the best Holi ever!

Have a Happy Holi!

Fun Facts

Fun fact

In ancient times, marigold creams were applied to treat & prevent thrush/ fungal infections during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Quick fact

Although natural henna is considered safe, black henna containing Paraphenylendiamine (PPD) may cause problems in pregnant & breastfeeding women.

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Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Mar 15, 2022

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