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Exercises while trying to conceive

Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Apr 05, 2022

You would’ve heard the saying “Health is Wealth”. So, just as good health precedes wealth, good health also precedes procreation & fertility.

Good health does not simply mean an absence of disease, rather it implies the well-being of the body & mind.

Actress Rebel Wilson recently said that focusing on fitness has impacted her fertility journey. If you are someone who is trying to conceive and has been exercising you are on the right track. Further in this article, we’ll tell you some of the exercises you can include in your fitness routine.

Benefits of sweating it out

Our grandparents, parents, gym enthusiasts can probably not stop talking about the benefits of exercising. Here is another reminder for you. If you do not have a fitness routine and want to conceive, get off the couch and unroll your mats to get going because after reading the benefits you’ll probably want to jump onto the bandwagon of improving fertility with fitness.


Exercise has multiple benefits for you if you are trying to conceive

  • Helps to keep that mental/emotional stress in check and enables you to achieve a proper sleep cycle. This helps maintain a normal hormonal balance & optimum functioning of the ovaries. 
  • Helps improve ovarian function, especially in women with PCOS. Ovarian dysfunction contributes to 25% of cases of infertility in women. Check out for more information regarding the causes of infertility in women.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity and overweight make it difficult to conceive and shedding those extra kilos can help regulate your ovulation & menstrual cycle, thus improving your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. 
  • How about the self-confidence that comes with fitness and good posture!
  • Let’s not forget the endorphins that give you satisfaction after an intense workout & help elevate your mood. They’re called ‘Happy hormones’ for this reason!
  • It will help strengthen your muscles which will make it easier for your body to carry your baby, reduce the chances of back pain.
  • It improves your chances of a healthy pregnancy & smoother recovery after delivery. Check out our article on preparing & recovering from childbirth.
  • Exercises get your heart pumping and you will need a stronger heart to pump the blood to your baby as well.

Exercises you can indulge in

  • Good old walking and jogging:  All you will need is your jogging shoes, your fitbit and probably your headphones - and you’re ready to set out for a run.

    If you have a pet dog for company, take them out for a walk. This is an extremely safe workout with cardiovascular benefits.

    A study conducted showed that walking for just 20-30 minutes increases the chance of conceiving by almost 80% within six cycles, particularly in women who have struggled with infertility in the past or are overweight.
  • Lift those weights: Weight training helps to strengthen your core and you will need strong muscles to carry a baby. It also assists in losing weight and toning the body. 
  • A water baby? Go for a swim: It is not associated with any negative impacts on pregnancy. You will enjoy the feeling of weightlessness inside the pool especially when you are in your advanced stages of pregnancy plus it burns calories and tones your body. A dip in the pool and what a respite from heat especially when the summer is killing you!
  • Pilates: This will help you maintain your posture and include all the parts of your body. It can also be carried out once you get pregnant.
  • Can never go wrong with yoga: The benefits of getting to know your body and mind, dealing with the stress, improving your body’s flexibility that comes with yoga are much talked about. These benefits can also help support your pregnancy.  
  • Pedal that cycle: The goal is to get your heart pumping. This is another safe exercise you can try out. 

Points to keep in mind

  • Too much of anything can be harmful. Over-exercising also has its drawbacks like affecting the menstrual cycle, hormone regulation, ovulation dysfunction, and risk of injuries, so always respect your body’s limitations, exercise in moderation and gradually build up the tempo.
  • Hydrate yourself well and take short breaks when you feel tired or exhausted. Do not exercise in too hot conditions as it can lead to hyperthermia or heat stroke.
  • Indulge in exercises that you can carry out even after you get pregnant and post-partum. 
  • Having a partner to exercise with is a win-win situation. You have company plus you can be accountable to each other regarding your fitness. Set goals and work them out together. When you are beginning to plan for a family, your partner also needs to be in good health. It takes two to tango and in this case, it takes two to get pregnant
  • Once you get pregnant, always discuss the safety of your workout routine with your doctor. 
  • Listen to our body, it will tell you when you are overdoing it.
  • Having a proper and healthy diet is also crucial to maintaining fitness.

Now with all this knowledge & motivation available, it is time to hit the gym or workout at home if you plan to start a family. Even if you do not have plans to have a baby, a little exercise can do no harm. Why wait for a pregnancy to start a workout?

Fun Facts

Fun Fact

Research proves that women who exercise regularly are able to handle pregnancy & labor more efficiently and also recover faster after delivery.

Quick fact

The recommended exercise is any moderate intensity workout for 30 minutes for 5 days a week.

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Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Apr 05, 2022

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