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Sex during pregnancy – Yes or No?

Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Dec 17, 2021

A woman goes through immense physical and emotional changes during her pregnancy. Her hormones are all over the place. All this can influence her desire for sex. Some women may notice an increased interest in sex, while some may not feel like having sex at all. This is totally normal. The most crucial aspect in this regard is being honest with your sexual partner and discussing matters openly. In addition, during prenatal visits, questions about sexual habits and their impact on the baby and pregnancy should be explored with a health care professional.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, having sex while pregnant is totally safe. And don’t worry about your baby. The baby is well cushioned inside your womb and protected by an amniotic bag full of fluid, surrounded by the thick muscle layer of the uterus & the tightly closed cervix. Penetration by a penis, finger, or sex toy in the vagina won’t affect the baby as long as the penetration is not very forceful or aggressive.

It is also quite safe to have oral sex when pregnant. However, do ensure that neither you or your partner are having any active infections when you do so. The same goes for anal sex, as long as you are comfortable, it is safe. However, avoid having vaginal sex after anal sex as this could lead to the transfer of microorganisms from the rectum to the vagina, causing an infection.

Practicing safe sex

If you and your partner are in an open relationship wherein both of you have sexual relations with other people, it is best to use a condom for any kind of penetrative sex. Acquiring a sexually transmitted disease during pregnancy can have serious consequences for both the mother and the baby and it is best to avoid direct sexual contact without protection if you are in a non-monogamous relationship.

Best positions for sex during pregnancy

Despite being safe, sex during pregnancy can be a bit tricky. Trying out different positions will become a necessity in order to ensure the comfort & safety of your unborn baby & yourself. So hey ! This is an excellent opportunity to experiment and have some fun with your partner.

Sex with the male partner on top can become quite uncomfortable for you early in pregnancy, not only because of the growing belly but also because of the tender breasts. Deep penetration can also cause pain. Try to avoid positions that impose pressure on the growing belly during the later stages of pregnancy. The baby’s weight may place additional pressure on the mother’s internal organs and arteries if she lies on her back.

Here are some positions that women may find comfortable during pregnancy:

  • Sitting on the partner’s lap.
  • Side-by-side spooning.
  • Being on top of your partner.
  • Kneeling on your hands and knees while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Remember that penetrative sex is not the only way to express love & this may be the perfect time to experiment with your partner to increase intimacy by cuddling, fondling and trying out various non-penetrative ways of sexual enjoyment.

Want to know some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy?

  • Orgasms are more intense: Pregnant women may experience more strong orgasms as a result of increased blood flow to the genitals.
  • Sex is a great workout: It will help you burn calories and assist you and your partner in remaining fit.
  • More happiness: Endorphins are released during orgasms, which can make both mother and baby feel joyful and calm.
  • Sex is an immune booster: Sex raises IgA, an antibody that helps keep colds and other illnesses at bay, according to a research study published in 2004.
  • Boosts your self-confidence: A lot of women tend to feel unattractive during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse with your partner on a regular basis might help you regain your self-confidence and sense of self.
  • Bonding of partners: Sex during pregnancy can help strengthen the bond between a couple.

When to say NO to sex?

Consult your doctor about whether or not having sex while pregnant is safe for you. You may be advised to refrain from having sex in case of the following:

  • If you have been diagnosed with placenta previa.
  • The membranes of your amniotic sac are ruptured or leaking fluid.
  • If you experience vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramps for no apparent reason.
  • If your water has broken, the danger of infection is high.
  • You are pregnant with twins.
  • Issues with the cervix that could lead to a miscarriage or early labor.
  • If you had a preterm delivery in the previous pregnancy.
  • If you or your partner have an active infection that can be transmitted sexually.

If you have been advised to have no sex during pregnancy, keep in mind that this could be anything that involves orgasm or sexual excitement, not just sexual penetration. Uterine contractions can be caused by breast stimulation, female orgasms, and specific hormones found in sperm called prostaglandins. It's a good idea to talk about it, so you're all on the same page.

Don’t want to have sex? That’s ok. Intimacy is about more than just sex. Openly and lovingly communicate your demands and worries to your partner. Try snuggling, kissing, or massage if sex is difficult, unpleasant, or off-limits.

Maitri Woman

Team Maitri

Dec 17, 2021

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